About us

Could a company be more about family than Tadaaz?
We are a family business with a family of close colleagues to celebrate the Happy Moments of many families.

For many families

Tadaaz is here to spoil our customers with the most beautiful designs for the most wonderful family moments and we can only be honored about that. Tadaaz helps many families in Belgium and abroad to shout their happiness from the rooftop​s. A child has been born! We are getting married! Our kiddo is growing up and already celebrating his communion! We have been married for 50 years and we want to celebrate!

By family

Tadaaz is the online brand of Buromac, which was founded back in the 60s by Kris Deprest. Today, his daughter Greet Deprest and her husband Jan Jonckheere have been managing the family business for almost thirty years and the next generation is coming up! The fact that we are a family business defines part of our identity.

With a family of colleagues

The colleagues are also more than ‘just colleagues’. Many of them have been working at Buromac for decades and have become a true family. Hans for example started his career at Buromac and retired a few years ago, still a member of our team. Fortunately, he still comes to lend a hand from time to time.

Also Nathalie, Mich, Nick, Ann, Vanessa and so many more amazing colleagues have been working at Buromac for decades and hopefully will continue to do so for many years to come! ​Monthly sports activit​ies with colleagues, overwhelmingly fun New Year’s receptions, soup moments when it gets cold outside, sharing joy and sorrow at the company while working are the reasons we see ourselves as a family. The work is fun but ​the colleagues are absolutely the best!

We could not be more excited about being able to help to express so much happiness!


Mixed Team Lunch across departments

Creativity and quality are our middle names ​

We have always held these two words in the highest regard. What​ever you order at Buromac, Tadaaz or Atelier Maurice has to be creativity at best and perfectly executed. The party the customer is throwing or other beautiful event they want to celebrate must be announced in the most beautiful way.

The Tadaaz design  team can handle many styles: from minimalist to luxurious, from romantic to retro/vintage. Creativity is not only in the design but definitely in the finishing too! What types of paper will we use? Does a ribbon or trendy paperclip make the whole product more complete? Do we want foil and what colour foil? So many possibilities!

After the creation process, it is then up to our colleagues in production and shipping to finish the products with an eye for quality. And they do it like the very best! For our customers, only the best is good enough. That is what we strive for every minute of the day.

Webshop of the year ~ FeWeb Awards 2023

Good causes

For decades, Buromac an Tadaaz have been committed to various charities. In Belgium we proudly support Doctors Without Borders, Kinderkankerfonds and Make a Wish.

We do this by donating a part of the revenue of the Christmas cards to the charity of the customers’ choice. Since January, the designers have started designing, selecting, printing and finishing the most beautiful creative cards in order to be able to offer them from September on our website.

We will again gather a sum that can help to support families who have a hard time because of illness through the charities of our choice. Through good cooperation and close contact with the people who really do the good work, we know that the money we donate as a company is well spent. And that warms our family heart!

Recently, together with all Tadaaz colleagues, we supported the Warmest Week with the theme “Growing up without worries”. Following the action where customers could donate €0.10 per Christmas card, our colleagues sold the most delicious desserts for several weeks. Subsequently, this amount was doubled!