At work

Our departments

At Tadaaz we have various in-house talents, each with their own specialities: design and collection coördination, marketing, prepress, printing and production, shipping, customer service, accounting, management, IT and human resources.

Team activities

Just like in the best families, we like to make time for each other. Our own famous “feestcomité” succeeds every time in making these Happy Moments unforgettable.

The ‘feestcomité’ has organised various small and larger events on a regular basis. We have a monthly sports activity where we like to discover new talents and /or passions (wall climbing, spinning, paddle boarding, Christmas run, line-dance, …) …

We participated to the ‘fitbees challenge’ where teams of colleagues competed each other. The challenge was about creating healthy habbits (drinking water, healthy food, number of steps/day, workout, hours of sleep …). Below the photo of our winning team!

Vacature Tadaaz

Not so sporty? Don’t worry, you can just take part in our legendary teambuildings. We love to look back at the Happy Moments we created during a game of Paintball or a real- life Cluedo game with a delicious BBQ to finish.

Vacature Tadaaz

Moreover, Tadaaz would not be Tadaaz if we could not put together memorable New Year’s parties. To keep it a bit different every year, we always do this in a different theme (Frozen winter party, Casino Royal,…), we are already curious about the next theme!

Vacature Tadaaz


Year after year, motivated students come to us, looking for an internship. At Tadaaz we love to take an enthusiastic intern under our experienced wings. This can be done in different departments, such as our marketing, printing, prepress, design, … Feel free to read our blog, intern Kelly talks about her adventure within the walls of Tadaaz:

A warm heart

Various organizations lend us a hand to deliver your Happy Moments.  For example, we have the honor of working with various ‘plus teams’, in particular people with mental / physical disabilities who are happy to support us throughout the year. A warm thank you for all those helping hands!


Teamwork makes the dream work


As a thank you for their efforts to achieve the company goals, all employees received a well-deserved gift at the beginning of 2022. Hard work should be rewarded!


Vacature Tadaaz

After more than 15 years, Johnny is still happy to help his colleagues where necessary. Because together we achieve more!