Being a sustainable company is always top of mind for all of the people working at Tadaaz. Because we live by the rule ‘actions speak louder than words’, here are some of the structural actions that make us proud :

  • Tadaaz uses more than 95% FSC certified paper*
  • We produce 65% of our own energy through 2500m² solar panels
  • We strive for thorough waste management with maximal attention for sorting and recycling
  • Our carbon footprint is decreasing every year due to various initiatives
  • We limit the use of plastics when sending our orders as an e-commerce company
  • Sustainable mobility: we reward employees coming to work by bike with an attractive bicycle reward
  • Digitalization and working from home are enthusiastically supported by the employer
  • Use of LED lighting and rainwater to save energy and water
  • Our collaborating postal carriers are as concerned as we are about global warming:
    • DPD, PostNL and UPS deliver all packages ​in a CO² neutral ​way
    • Bpost has high ambitions to reduce CO² emissions (30% less than 2017 in 2030)
  • Employees enjoy a green environment with trees and flowers surrounding the company

* FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits

Article @ Grafisch Nieuws Februari 2023

Solar panels on roof of our headquarters @ Bruges